Thanks for stopping by, I am Fernando Osorio, designer at the University of California Irvine. I’m also a freelancer, online entrepreneur, Jesus follower, sports fanatic, setup and hat enthusiast.

Feel free to browse around, you’ll find some of my design work, setup details, hats, and the wallpapers I use.

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Stay focus, stay positive, stay blessed!

Hats for Creatives

As you might have noticed I’m really into hats. Specifically hats of my favorite teams as well as typographical ones with terms and phrases that I relate to. I love that I can spread a positive message or rep the things I’m into through a simple every day accessory.

A little while ago I started looking for hats “for creatives” but didn’t really find many options that I liked. That’s when it hit me, why not create some myself? So, I spent some time to design and get a couple hats made for myself.

Originally this was going to remain a personal project but after getting a few questions about them, and through my experience with e-commerce, I decided to make the hats available here for those creatives that are into clean, simple typographic hats like myself.

The three current designs are available in four different hat styles. If there’s a term you would like to see on a hat shoot me a message!

The Wallpapers I Use

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